And still!

Father Time is undefeated and always will be, and that is the undisputed truth. You can try to wave him off for a bit, but he always comes for his belt.

A couple of days ago, Serena lost in the quarters of the Australian Open. She is 37 years old and made it to the quarters. That’s an accomplishment, but let’s take a look at some recent history.  She made it to the finals at Wimbledon and lost. Got to the finals of the US Open and lost spectacularly, with a meltdown that made John Mac look like a Boy Scout. And now the failure in the quarterfinals.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady is heading back to the Super Bowl at 40. If Serena wants those last two titles, I would encourage her to hook up with Tom’s people for some TB Training, TB Performance meals, and a complete shakeup of her fight camp. She might need to leave TAM and find Bang. Well, as long as Bang doesn’t advise her to lose a ton of weight and arrive at the next Grand Slam at 115lbs.

She is 37 and relying on her physicality, which is slowly declining, to compete against 25 year olds. This is a losing battle. She needs a new camp.



What’s next?

Good fights on tap: Barboza v Gaethje, Pettis v Wonderboy.

Pettis and Wonderboy is a stupid funny matchup, and I am here for all that chaos. The chaos pick there is, of course, Pettis. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a KO or sub, a victory over Wonderboy will be something great to see. Pettis is obviously on the decline. He’s not chasing a belt anymore, and since he has a contract, might as well fight if he’s healthy. Wonderboy winning that fight is boring.

I’ll comment more on the LW and WW later. What about the Heavyweights?

I want to see Stipe fight again. He’s been on maternity leave long enough. No rematch with DC. Let’s see if he’s still legit. Some guys suffer a loss and lose their confidence along with the belt. Was his loss to DC a fluke? I don’t think so; DC is without peer at heavyweight.

Ngannou, Beast, Blaydes: They all have fights coming up. Good.

Cain, JDS, Overeem: Yes, yes, and yes.

Brock: No. I understand the $$ aspect of him v DC, but I don’t care for it. But wait a minute, I was entertained the night DC beat Stipe and Brock entered the cage. I was not expecting that scene at all! It was unexpected  pro wrestling shtick and I was entertained. Book it!

About the Contender alum: That’s a good show, but they did not have to stack a whole fight card with those people.



Let’s be honest

This is a terrible night of fights. Shall I say, boring? Somebody said this card is stacked. They lied.

Early prelims:

Chance somebody v whatever

Belal  Muhammed v Geoff Neal. I was  rooting for Muhammed,  but he lost to a guy from the Contender Series.

Bermudez against another dude from the Contender. He won via decision. Decision.

Late prelims:

Another alum of Contender. Jeez.

Jojo got a decision. Omg, this is brutal.

Cowboy v Hernandez – A fight I wanted to see. A reminder that there are levels, and that it’s not yet time for the Cowboy to retire. If Dana keeps giving him winnable fights like this, he’ll be around forever.

Main card

Glover. I’m glad he won. If Dana keeps giving him winnable fights against dudes who can’t wrestle…

Paige and Rachel. No comment.

Joe B v Ortiz? I thought the flyweights were going away?

Yancey v Gregor Gillespie. Whoever enters the cage like he’s going to the club…

Let’s be real honest. Was this the best showcase for the first card on ESPN?



Fight week is here

UFC is in Brooklyn this week, TJ v Cejudo. I’m all about the Champ Champ, but I don’t like this cut for TJ. He should have moved up for the superfight with Max. Losing 10 off a small, ripped frame seems risky as hell, but what do I know? This is grown man stuff, so I got TJ in this fight.

My boy Dennis Bermudez is stuntin‘ in NY (via Twitter) in some expensive car. I have no knowledge of cars, so no idea of the make and model. But if he’s rolling like this, please stop crying broke all the time. Fighters and fans love to cry about how broke these guys are, yet on Insta, Twitter, Embedded, we see the cars and houses, homie. Don’t be scurred. Women and children, body art, vacations in Thailand, and 15 motorcycles ain’t cheap either.

Oh no. Stipe wants to fight Cormier again. Please no. Sorry, I have no interest in mumbling Stipe. Cormier should fight one (or 2) more times: Brock, and regardless of the outcome of that (Brock will lose; he understands kayfabe), he should fight Jones next for all them LHW marbles. We gots to move on. Stipe can fight JDS or Cain for the vacant title.

Sadly, Klitschko is not coming back.

And last, Motel 6? Seriously? And who is going to be staying there? This might be a decision that’s all about money, because it’s not about branding. The UFC seems like it’s a luxury product these days. A fan has to sign up for cable TV and 3 streaming services to see these fights. Or is it 2? This is confusing. You got the new owners (how many times do we have to hear about the $4 billion sale?), Dana ($$$ birthday parties?), and ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports. And Motel 6 (let’s not forget, Dennis is stuntin’ and he ain’t even a champ champ). One of these things is not like the others…


It’s hard out here

According to Anderson Silva, it’s hard to be an old fighter without chemical assistance. That is true, however, fighting really is a young man’s game. Actually, most sporting activities are for the young due to the reality of aging, which is why you won’t see a 35 year old woman competing in gymnastics, and you won’t see an old man at shortstop (in the outfield, running down a ball? Lol). In football, maybe. Just maybe on the off chance you are a rarity like Tom Brady will you see your 40s, playing at a High Level in the NFL. And Tom Brady is Very High Level.

He made a comment about stamina and recovery being helped by TRT. This is the argument against steroids, and why they promote an unfair advantage. These old men (Andy, Mir, Bigfoot, Chuck, Tito, Rampage…) have given their youth to the fighting game and apparently, still want to fight. They need to get back on the stuff and only fight each other. Oscar should look into this. I’ll bet all those old heads will be back for a payday.

Give them 6 months to get in shape. 40 and up? Let them fight!

Cain wants to fight Jon Jones, presumably at heavyweight, but if and only if Cormier does or does not – OK stop. I appreciate the bro love going on at AKA, but why are they always talking about Jones at heavyweight? And why is Cain weighing in on this? He should be focusing on Ngannou and how, after 3 years away, he is going to avoid getting knocked out. And now he wants Jones? There’s a whole line of legit HWs waiting to put hands on him, and he wants a LHW to move up to HW and fight him? Come on, man. I understand the Superfight mentality, but you’re taking the biscuit with this one. And the decision depends on what Daniel is doing? Can everybody please let Daniel retire already and worry about the people in your own division?

I’m still rooting for Cain against Ngannou. Khabib against anybody. And Luke? I’m still mad at him for getting put to sleep, complete with a goodnight kiss from Yoel. That was messed up. I want to see Luke at full strength fighting Jones.

It’s hard out here for a heel like Colby. He’s a fake heel, but he fought all the dudes they put in front of him, and even won the fake belt. But he didn’t get the title fight. Why? According to the Internet, it’s a whole bunch of stuff surrounding whether he was ready on a particular date, then he had surgery, at some point Woodley had surgery, Usman fought the same people Colby did…  It’s not interesting any more. I hope Woodley wins the fight, but I’m kinda ready for some new blood at WW. Not Usman, not Colby, not Tyron. Somebody new. And this is probably why they are going with Usman. Who will lose to Ponzinibbio.



DC should retire when he turns 40. He promised.

Give Nate a fight. Let him have his trilogy with Conor.

Amanda v Holly at either weightclass. Then Amanda v GdR at any weight.

Jones v Rockhold.

Colby  got screwed. Is there any point to interim  belts? Woodley better win.

About Woodley: He’s a very smart fighter. He adjusts depending on his opponent, and sometimes that leads to “boring” fights. I actually enjoyed his fight with Maia. That dude is legit on the ground, and everyone knew that if he took Woodley down it was over. Welp, my dude shut all that down and made Maia look like a beginner.

Till was supposedly good on the feet. He got shut down too.

Those Wonderboy  fights were terrible.

So now we have another dominant champ, lacking a huge personality, neck tattoos, and whatever else it takes to make Dana happy. The match against Usman is intended to neutralize his wrestling. He better win too, or else he’s going to go out like Cyborg and DJ. Which one does he want, the door or the window?

And last, I’m worried about TJ at 125 because that is not a reasonable weight for an adult male. TJ is a somewhat small dude, but he still has to get on a specialized diet and  conditioning plan to lose 10 pounds. I hope it doesn’t affect his health, but he is young and healthy, so he should survive the cut. Good luck to him.



The definitive P4P list:

Tie for 1st – GSP, Daniel Cormier.

3rd – Amanda Nunes. Her next fight should be Holly Holm, and if she beats Holly, she moves up to tie for 1st place, as she has beaten all the women’s champs at 135 and 145.

4th – Bones. The only things keeping him out of 1st are the fact that Cormier is the Champ Champ*, his wins over Cormier are tainted (just a little bit), and the series of failed tests put a question mark over the contests.

Tie for 5th – Aldo, Anderson Silva. Longtime legendary champs at their respective weight classes.

7-10: in no particular order – Joanna, Woodley, Khabib, Ferguson, Weidman.

Chaos: Andrade wins the 115 strap, immediately goes up to challenge for the 125 belt and wins. And you know, she used to fight at 135.