Michael Venom Page: Darren Till can forget about fighting Conor McGregor

McGregor is the UFC’s biggest star (Picture: Getty)

Conor McGregor… this sort of thing is becoming a bit of a habit for him at the moment. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but hopefully he gets it together and focuses on fighting.

Once you cross a certain barrier of status, he needs to understand any little thing is a big thing for the rest of the world. It is down to him to take a bit more responsibility. I’m not fully up to date on how things kicked off, but maybe he needs better people around him.

At the same time, should we be shocked? It’s not something he hasn’t portrayed from the beginning. He sells himself as a very reckless, outspoken, loud character. But he doesn’t want it to stop him from fighting. When you’re getting in trouble and they won’t let you back into the States to fight, then you have a real problem. You need to put on a show when you’re in that arena, but outside you need to learn to manage the fanfare.

McGregor was arrested in Miami this week (Picture: MEGA TheMegaAgency.com)

Speaking of McGregor, I can’t imagine he’d ever want to fight Darren Till. Till is a massive welterweight, he barely makes welterweight to be fair. Stylistically McGregor is a better fighter, but they’re not even close to the same weight.

People need to understand, a lot of things fighters want fights that will make them a lot of money. Whether it makes sense or not, that doesn’t even come into it. They see the likes of McGregor fighting Floyd Mayweather, it’s not about rankings, or working hard to moving up the ladder anymore. It is just about creating a character, boosting your profile and looking for super fights. It is getting a bit ridiculous with these call-outs. MMA needs to go back to its roots. Crossovers from wrestling and boxing can be great for the sport, but it gets silly when people who have no right being in the cage get fights because it might make good pay-per-view money. Compared to boxing, we’ve always had a great reputation for the best fighting the best. The best way to avoid these silly fights is to stop feeding into it – don’t pay for the fight.

Till wants to fight McGregor at Anfield (Picture: Getty)

I’ve never met Dillon Danis, but I find him as fake as they come. He’s trying to follow in the same footsteps as McGregor, but it doesn’t feel genuine. Whether you love or hate McGregor, his personality feels like him. People like Danis are trying to jump on the bandwagon of being a loud mouth, brash fighter. He’s created a bit of a hype, but I don’t care for that at all. I’ve never met him, but from what I’ve seen, it’s all a show.

I’m only interested in establishing myself in the MMA world with a unique style. I’m not chasing anyone else’s light by calling for silly fights. Whatever fight makes sense, I’ll take. I’m really excited being active, but I have to say the break between Paul Daley and Douglas Lima was a bit shorter than expected. And I found out a bit later than I would have liked… But, Lima is an amazing athlete. He’s someone I’ve supported from the beginning. I’ve always said: Don’t sleep on Douglas Lima. I rate him so highly and anybody I rate, I’ve always wanted to beat them.

Michael Page v Paul Daley Bellator 216 (Picture: Bellator)

MVP is back in action against Lima in the semi-final of the welterweight grand prix (Picture: Bellator)

Lima is always himself when fighting, the difference between him and Paul Daley is he’s very confident in his own ability. Daley showed a massive lack of confidence against me. People can be tactical, but I don’t see Lima doing that. He’s got a great style, but I believe my style matches his. He’s used to conventional punches and kicks. But I bring the unconventional into the cage. I think I’ll frustrate him because it’s difficult closing down something you don’t understand. He’ll be in his element the longer the fight goes on, but a five-round fight is no issue for me.

American promotions are finally investing in UK athletes, just look at UFC London this weekend. Darren Till and Leon Edwards top billing. With myself and the likes of Paul Daley – there are so many guys stepping up. Unfortunately, the way the UFC runs things, I don’t see them every wanting to co-operate with other shows. I’d love to see fantasy fights across promotions, even if it was just once a year. I don’t chase names, so I’m not going to call out anyone either in Bellator or elsewhere, but I doubt cross-promotional fights are possible.

View from Old Trafford

Solskjaer has helped rejuvenate Martial and his team-mates (Picture: Getty)

We did everything right against Arsenal expect put it in the net. You’ve got to be a bit upset with Romelu Lukaku because he had about three chances and missed them. But I’m so happy with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and I want the club to give him a chance and give him the job. Just look at what he’s done with that team – amazing. The first few games under him, you could put it down to the relief of getting rid of Jose Mourinho, but now we’re seeing it’s down to his managing ability. He’s got Sir Alex Ferguson inspiring the younger ones. Michael Carrick and Mike Phelan too – it’s old school Manchester United.

Marcus Rashford is like a new person. I’m hoping that spreads to Anthony Martial. He’s such a dangerous player. If you can get him right, he can be one of the best in the world. We need to take fourth spot at least to give us that spark for next season. Our saving grace at the moment is Tottenham are massively dropping off. It’s nice to feel confident again…before I didn’t want to even watch the games under Mourinho.

Watch MVP in action against Douglas Lima at Bellator 221: Chandler vs. Pitbull in the semi-finals of the Welterweight Grand Prix live on Sky Sports in the early hours of Sunday, May 12.