Deserves have nothing to do with it

Let me just get right to it: Colby got a bad deal and Jorge better get ready. Yes, I know they had the face offs, yet Masvidal was not there. Why? We’ll find out soon enough. I will be shocked (shocked!) if his fight against Askren actually happens.

Cejudo wants to box Loma. This annoys me even though it shouldn’t. I know it’s a rerun of a show we’ve seen before: MMA champ seeks bigger payday and clout by calling out star boxer. Conor did it with Mayweather, JDS wants Wilder, and Ngannou wants Fury. This is the new normal, and it’s a bit disappointing because it admits a failure in the current system. It’s not enough to be a successful MMA fighter. You have to cross over and make a circus fight with a professional boxer because that’s where the money is.

As fans, we want to see the best fight the best. We want the guy with the win streak to be rewarded with a title shot. The powers that be want a show. They want wild personalities at the top of the card. It brings eyes and dollars.

These stunts aren’t victimless crimes. There are real contenders coming up who deserve their shot at the belt too. Don’t they?

UFC 238

UFC 238 was something. We saw Valentina knock out Jessica Eye, Cowboy pulled the nose blow trick (the one that didn’t work for Anthony Smith, remember?), and Henry Cejudo became not just the double champ, but the triple champ – Triple C!

What a night.

I used to think the double champ thing was exciting, but now the thrill is gone. Once guys win two belts things get a little wonky. They start asking for circus fights against people long retired or big name guys on the decline. They no longer want to move forward and face the next challenger, they always go backwards. Back in the record books to the OGs, hoping one of them will need money enough to stop whatever they’re doing to fight a newcomer.

Then the Twitter fights get started. Maybe if they get someone good and mad on social media that will get him to sign the contract.

Oh well. Like the man said, it is what it is. Good luck to Triple C. He looked great against Marlon Moraes.