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    TJ the snake

    It’s a thing. He really is a snake. Was on EPO this whole time, was even trying to take Cejudo’s belt while under the influence. The nerve of this guy. So he lost, right? Got knocked down and TKO’d by Cejudo, then tried to argue that it was an early stoppage and it’s a shame that the ref would stop the fight and take this opportunity away from him. He […]

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    Bare Knuckle Fighting

    There was No UFC event this weekend so I purchased the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship main card tonight. The main event was a banger. Artem Lobov v Jason Knight didn’t seem so great on paper, but once they started throwing it was lit in Mississippi. Well, for about 3.5 rounds. They were both exhausted by the end, but Artem looked completely gassed. Hick Diaz was all busted up but kept coming […]

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    Great night in Philadelphia

    Good fights tonight. Very happy for Waterson and Gaethje. Should also mention Paul Craig for pulling off the sub again at the end of the fight. Good stuff. Very fitting for Barboza to walkout to the theme from Rocky in Philadelphia. JDS likes to use the same song, but I don’t get triggered when JDS does it. The song has to be played in Philly and it has to be […]

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    UFC Philadelphia

    Another fight night is upon us. Last few have been decent. Let me get right to my picks: Barzola v Aguilar –  Barzola decision. Holland v Meerschaert – Holland decision. Yusuff v Moraes – Yusuff KO. KK v Hottie – Oh no. Here we go again with a fight between two good people that I don’t want to see lose. In any event, Waterson via Sub. Emmett v MJ – […]

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    Maybe it’s just me, but the Wonderboy fight last Saturday didn’t have a huge marketing impact. Not nearly as big as the Masvidal-Till fight. Mas scared the crap out of folks: Crowd was silent, Ben Askren snuck out of town. Ben was so dialed in to the idea that Till was going to win, that monstrous KO shut him down for several hours. He didn’t start his twitter talk until […]

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    That’s what Conor wants, but is that a good idea? What happens if he is part owner of UFC and gets into another one of his scrapes with the law? Then what? That damages the brand. It’s one thing for fighters to be gangster, but not an owner. That would be a real cause for concern. And he will be a minority owner for sure, but his character is so […]

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    And Pettis brought the chaos. In case you missed it, Wonderboy got KTFO’d via Superman punch, and went down almost exactly like Till did last week. He also looked twice as big as Pettis, but we learned from last week that size doesn’t matter when you’re a good striker. It started out a little boring. So boring, DC and his dude made a remark about the 3 piece with a […]

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    Highs and lows

    After last weekend, this fight night might be a letdown. How can you beat that KO and that 3 piece? Life goes on. Woodley wants McG. That doesn’t sound like a fair fight, does it? Why would Conor fight Woodley? What’s the point? Conor is a former lightweight champ and fights at 170 for fun. He doesn’t cut down to 170. Come on Tyron. Maybe he should focus on being […]

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    No fight

    TJ pops and gives up. No fight, just some passive language about how something happened and here’s the belt. Just handed it over without a fight. Contaminated substance maybe? No one is really saying much beyond that. UFC isn’t either. I guess I’ll just find some GS cookies and forget all about TJ. Unfollowed. My man Luke is finally coming back, matched up with Blachowicz. It’s hard being a Rockhold […]

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    UFC London post mortem

    These were my picks: Teco, Volkan, Edwards, Masvidal. Considering Volkan’s robbery, it was all good for me. I already told y’all that the best nights for UFC are when fans are left shook. Shook! The OMG moments we can’t stop talking about. I don’t think I have ever seen/heard a venue go silent like it did at the O2. Amazing work by Masvidal. Do you want to be a fighter? […]

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