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Josh Gormley guarantees bare-knuckle KO of Bobby Brents

Josh Gormley: I want to go out with a bang

Josh Gormley faces Bobby Brents on April 6 (AEDT) at Cheyenne Ice and Event Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The pair battles it out in the headliner of BYB’s inaugural show, billed as “Brawl For It ALL”.

Josh “Dempsey” Gormley (23-6) is the great-grandson of legendary world heavyweight boxing champion Jack “The Manassa Mauler” Dempsey. He holds the record of 22 knockouts out of 23 victorious bouts in pro-boxing. The knockout artist predicts another stoppage when he makes his bare-knuckle debut taking on MMA veteran Bobby “Zombie” Brents (17-7).

“I’ve been a pro fighter a long time, but I’ve never fought bare knuckles. I’ve been training with no gloves and it feels good,” said Gormley. “My opponent is 5′ 9” and a wrestler, but we’re fighting in a triangular cage.”

“I guarantee this fight isn’t going the distance. That’s the way I’ve always fought.”

“I don’t believe I can lose because I’m right, mentally and physically, for this fight. He’s in trouble! Somebody’s lights are going out and it’s not going to be me.”

Aspiring to make his great-grandfather proud Gormley said that “the only reason I’m doing this is that he [Jack Dempsey] started out fighting bare knuckles.”

The lineup of “BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL” includes the athletes representing boxing, MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling and back-yard brawling, squaring off inside the “Trigon Triangle” cage. The back yard brawling celebrity Dada 5000 has been announced as one of the color commentators at the event. The fight card can be found here.

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Dave Leduc signs with WLC, bare-knuckle fighting organisation

World Lethwei Championship: Press release

World Lethwei Championship (WLC), the world’s largest bareknuckle fighting organisation, have announced the signing of one of the biggest superstars in lethwei history, Dave “The Nomad” Leduc, to an exclusive contract.

Dave Leduc is a lethwei champion and is undefeated in lethwei. Originally from Quebec, Canada, Leduc has won multiple titles in other promotions in lethwei, including the Openweight Championship.

The agreement will see Leduc compete exclusively for World Lethwei Championship, as well as adopt an ambassadorial role for the organisation to bring the organisation to international audience both on broadcast and in potentially hosting overseas events.

World Lethwei Championship Chairman U Zay Thiha stated, “I am delighted to welcome Dave Leduc to the World Lethwei Championship fraternity. We are committed to growing the sport of lethwei on the international stage with both my partners and the acquisition of the most recognisable fighter in lethwei history will help us in our continued growth.”

Dave Leduc stated, “Lethwei is the sport that I love and I want to continue to be the face and voice of the sport as it takes over the world. I am now working with two of the biggest organisations in growing the sport with World Lethwei Championship and our broadcaster Canal+ as ambassador to promote the sport globally, beginning with Canal+ group subsidiary in Vietnam K+ becoming our first international television broadcast. The future of martial arts is lethwei!”

Leduc is expected to make his promotional debut in August, and the fight will be available on Canal+ in Myanmar and on UFC Fight Pass.

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Gormley vs. Brents headlines bare-knuckle ‘Brawl For It All’

Fight card announced for BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL

BYB’s inaugural show, billed as “Brawl For It ALL”, takes place at Cheyenne Ice and Event Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming on April 6 (AEDT). The fight card comprises ten bare-knuckle fights and two MMA bouts. The roster includes the fighters representing boxing, MMA, kick boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai and back-yard brawling, battling it out inside the “Trigon Triangle” cage.

The main event features the grandson of legendary world heavyweight boxing champion Jack “The Manassa Mauler” Dempsey, knockout artist Joshua “Dempsey” Gormley up against MMA fighter Bobby “Zombie” Brents.

“The 6′, 5″ Gormley, fighting out of Miami, has a 23-6 pro boxing record, including 22 eye-popping knockouts,” reads the announcement sent out on Friday. “He seems tailor made for bare-knuckles fighting because, in addition to his rich bloodlines, Gormley has made a living putting opponents to sleep in a ring, wearing gloves, and he figures to be even more explosive sans gloves.”

Illinois MMA fighter Brents (17-7) is a former Shamrock FC champion who, lost a split-decision to Gormley’s brother, Chase Gormely, at Bellator 162 two and a half years ago.

In the co-main event Canadian kickboxer Jake Young takes on Nebraska MMA veteran Matt Delanoit. The bout is proclaimed as “a classic slash of fighting styles”. Young also has an amateur boxing and MMA background, while Delanoit has a 27-14 pro MMA record.

The back yard brawling celebrity Dada 5000 has been announced as one of the color commentators calling fights at cage-side. The complete lineup for BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL can be found below.

Joshua Gormley vs. Bobby Brents
Jake Young vs. Matt Delanoit
Billy Martin vs. Leo Pla
Jamelle Jones vs. Matt Kovacs (MMA)
Christine Stanley vs. Latoya Burton
Alfonso Frierson vs. Mike Trujillo
Isaac James vs. Carlton Little
Robert Brown, Jr. vs. Lorenzo Hunt
Brian Jackson vs. John Michael Escoboa
Albert Martinez vs. Kory Vialet
Desmond Johnson vs. Robert Fletcher
Jermayne Barnes vs. Lamar Cannady-Foster (MMA)

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Bare Knuckle Fighting: Antonio Faria KO’s Saw Htoo Aung, wins WLC Light Welterweight title

WLC: Mighty Warriors results

The first “World Lethwei Championship” event on UFC Fight Pass was held this past Friday (Feb. 22) at Mandalar Thiri Indoor Stadium in Mandalay, Myanmar. Top of the “Mighty Warriors” bill featured Portuguese Antonio Faria squaring off against local Saw Htoo Aung. The pair battled it out for the inaugural WLC Light Welterweight title.

“Portuguese veteran Antonio Faria knocked out Saw Htoo Aung [in the second round] to become the first ever Light Welterweight World Lethwei Champion,” reads the event recap sent out by the promotion. “Faria’s precision striking proved too much for Saw Htoo Aung, who looked to be knocked out on his feet by a flurry of strikes from Faria. Saw Htoo Aung tried recovering to no avail and went down for the last time after another blitzing combination from Faria.”

The co-main event between Shwe Yar Mann and Sasha Moisa also ended prior the final bell. The latter as well stopped his opponent in Round 2.

“Shwe Yar Mann fought off one knockdown but was unable to continue after a series of devastating punches and elbows from Moisa, who trains out of the same gym as Antonio Faria.”

The complete fight results from WLC: Mighty Warriors can be found below.

Antonio Faria def. Saw Htoo Aung by KO (R2 at 2:00)
Sasha Moisa def. Shwe Yar Mann by KO (R2 at in 1:40)
Yan Naing Tun def. Saw Ba Oo by unanimous decision
Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat def. Pich Mtes Khmang by KO (R1 at 2:13)
Htoo Nay Thu def. Daung Phyu by unanimous decision
Saw Min Min def. Saw Darwait by unanimous decision
Tun Min Naing def. Saw Thar Nge by unanimous decision

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Dada 5000 joins bare-knuckle fighting Back Yard Brawls

Dada 5000 fully recovered for BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL (press release)

Internet backyard fighting pioneer and celebrity, Dada 5000, fully recovered from injuries he suffered three years ago in his epic fight with Kimbo Slice, has turned the page to the next chapter of his career and life. The street-fighting icon brings his BYB (back yard brawls) experience, along with business partners Mike Vazquez and Jose Suris, to a new, sanctioned platform as a promotional company, BYB Extreme Fighting Series (BYB), bare-knuckle fighting’s most intense combat sports promoter.

BYB’s inaugural show, “BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL”, will be held on April 6 (AEDT), at Cheyenne Ice & Event Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Dada 5000, the subject and star of the acclaimed “Dawg Fight” documentary, is a BYB Extreme partner who will serve as one of the color commentators at cage-side. This larger-than-life personality has been featured on Vice, E:60 ON ESPN, Taboo on National Geographic, and an EA Sports commercial with Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino, among others.

“BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL” will feature nine professional bare-knuckle fights, including a rematch between two Miami street-fighters from ‘Dawg Fight’, “Chocolate” (Alfonso Frierson) vs. Mike “Dragonhulk” Trujillo. Idaho heavyweight Jamelle “The Beast” Jones, a two-time national college wrestling champion, as well as a participant in UFC Fight Night 23, will be in action versus Matt Kovacs in one of two slated MMA matches on the card. The full card and other details will soon be announced.

The 6′ 3″, 260-pound Dada 5000 survived a highly-publicized MMA showdown three years ago with the, unfortunately, now deceased Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149. The two were childhood friends in Miami, but they became bitter rivals. Although Kimbo won their fight in the third round by way of a technical knockout, the result was overturned to a “no-contest” when Slice tested positive for steroids. Dada 5000, however, suffered the results of a cardiac arrest, severe dehydration and renal failure. He spent some time in a coma during his nearly one-month of hospitalization in Houston, needing a machine to breathe, and his heart stopped beating twice, for 5 and 8 minutes.

Bellator 149, headlined by a Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie match, set an all-time Bellator viewership record, averaging 1.94 million viewers on Spike TV, peaking during Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000 with 2.5 million viewers, 100,000 more than the main event. Not only was Bellator 149 the No. 1 ranked telecast of the day with Men (18-34) in all of television, including broadcast and cable, it was the No. 3 ranked telecast of the day in all of television with Adults (18-49).

“The doctor told me there was so much potassium in my body that I was lucky to walk 10 feet,” Dada noted, “but I still went three hard rounds with Kimbo Slice.”

Dada 5000 is on a mission to elevate backyard, underground fighting into a sanctioned sport, held in a venue, and shown worldwide on PPV.

“People identify with us because we came from backyard brawling on the dark side of Miami,” he explained. “Backyard is where we came from and bare-knuckles fighting is the next step in the evolution of fighting. We started this (BYB), fighting in the mud, this wasn’t done overnight. We were the first, people came to the backyard to watch, and now I’m inviting everybody on our journey.

“I was a promoter before being a fighter. I started a business and BYB Brawl is going to be the biggest combat sport. People may think this is kind of nuts, but they do feel it’s going to blow up.”

The Bahamian-born Dada 5000, born Dhafir Harris, leads a journey from backyard brawling into the first cage ever used for bare-knuckles fighting. BYB’s “Trigon Triangle” cage (pictured below) has 7′ high fences, two beveled corners and a 60-degree, tight third-corner to form a triangle, totaling 187 square feet. In short, this unique fighting cage leaves the results in the hands of the fighters, rather than judges.

“I’ve always been fascinated by triangles,” Dada remarked. “It is the most dominant, most feared symbol. Even my hair is cut in a triangle. Look at the pyramids, what’s on the back of our money. There’s no room to run in our Trigon Triangle cage; it was designed that way, and it isn’t for individuals who don’t want confrontations.”

“BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL” launches the much-anticipated BYB Extreme Fighting Series, which has been Dada 5000’s vision for several years. The ground-breaking event will also conclude production of “Dawg Fight 2”, produced once again by Billy Corben.

“My dream was not to fight in the UFC or Bellator,” Dada 5000 concluded. “I come from the backyard. We are the culture!”

Dada 5000, who still lifts 500 pounds, notes he’s far from being a retired fighter. Will he put down the microphone and enter the Trigon Triangle cage?

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