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What’s next?

Good fights on tap: Barboza v Gaethje, Pettis v Wonderboy. Pettis and Wonderboy is a stupid funny matchup, and I am here for all that chaos. The chaos pick there is, of course, Pettis. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a KO or sub, a victory over Wonderboy will be something great to see. Pettis is obviously on the decline. He’s not chasing a belt anymore, and since he has […]

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Let’s be honest

This is a terrible night of fights. Shall I say, boring? Somebody said this card is stacked. They lied. Early prelims: Chance somebody v whatever Belal  Muhammed v Geoff Neal. I was  rooting for Muhammed,  but he lost to a guy from the Contender Series. Bermudez against another dude from the Contender. He won via decision. Decision. Late prelims: Another alum of Contender. Jeez. Jojo got a decision. Omg, this […]

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Fight week is here

UFC is in Brooklyn this week, TJ v Cejudo. I’m all about the Champ Champ, but I don’t like this cut for TJ. He should have moved up for the superfight with Max. Losing 10 off a small, ripped frame seems risky as hell, but what do I know? This is grown man stuff, so I got TJ in this fight. My boy Dennis Bermudez is stuntin‘ in NY (via […]

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It’s hard out here

According to Anderson Silva, it’s hard to be an old fighter without chemical assistance. That is true, however, fighting really is a young man’s game. Actually, most sporting activities are for the young due to the reality of aging, which is why you won’t see a 35 year old woman competing in gymnastics, and you won’t see an old man at shortstop (in the outfield, running down a ball? Lol). […]

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DC should retire when he turns 40. He promised. Give Nate a fight. Let him have his trilogy with Conor. Amanda v Holly at either weightclass. Then Amanda v GdR at any weight. Jones v Rockhold. Colby  got screwed. Is there any point to interim  belts? Woodley better win. About Woodley: He’s a very smart fighter. He adjusts depending on his opponent, and sometimes that leads to “boring” fights. I […]

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The definitive P4P list: Tie for 1st – GSP, Daniel Cormier. 3rd – Amanda Nunes. Her next fight should be Holly Holm, and if she beats Holly, she moves up to tie for 1st place, as she has beaten all the women’s champs at 135 and 145. 4th – Bones. The only things keeping him out of 1st are the fact that Cormier is the Champ Champ*, his wins over […]

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Best nights

The UFC had a great night last night. The very best ones are when the favorites don’t win, and everyone is shook. Like that night when TJ, Rose, and GSP won. I can watch that 10 times in a row. Or when TJ beat Cody again and Cejudo beat DJ. Good stuff. The UFC is moving to ESPN in 2019. I just hope they dont change certain aspects of the […]

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UFC 232 post-fight

Cyborg is up. She wants to know why they didn’t let her talk after the fight. Maybe because she was knocked out? She has one fight left on the contract. I really doubt we see her fight in the Octagon again. This is a DJ rerun. She was a dominant champ with no competition. Tonight’s events just opened up some new possibilities for all the women at 135. Now I’m […]

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Great night for two champions

Amanda Nunes shocked the world and knocked out Cyborg. I’m watching the press conference ànd now I think she just created some drama. Dana wasn’t stoked about a rematch, and now Amanda is saying the same thing. Is Cyborg getting run out of the UFC? This is how it ended with DJ too. I think this is the end of the 145 division. Dana keeps teasing that they have some […]

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