Great night in Philadelphia

Good fights tonight. Very happy for Waterson and Gaethje. Should also mention Paul Craig for pulling off the sub again at the end of the fight. Good stuff.

Very fitting for Barboza to walkout to the theme from Rocky in Philadelphia. JDS likes to use the same song, but I don’t get triggered when JDS does it. The song has to be played in Philly and it has to be for the Main Event of the Evening. Great touch.

So Edson lost via KO and I’m not gutted for him. He’ll be back. He always comes back. However, I did tag him and Kevin Lee as gatekeepers after their last fight. Edson beat the NZ Zombie, and Lee lost to Iaquinta. The two of them win some and lose some, which is why Lee decided to move up to 170. Will we see Barboza move up too? I sure hope not. We finally got some new blood and new life at WW and these disgruntled LWs are turning it into rematch and rerun city. They all need to check in at the PI, get a hold of themselves and their diets, and go back to LW. All of them. RDA too. And I’m sorry, but yes, Pettis too.

But for now, the welterweight division, it shall, it shall endure.

Waterson should get the next title shot. She’s got some nice heat around her at the moment: her little girl, aka the cookie boss, was looking super cute, she’s got a nice little family, training at one of the top gyms, former atom weight champ. I believe ESPN put together a short film about her fighting and motherhood.

She’s getting the push.

Amanda is on Twitter lobbying for Nina or Tatiana, but I am rooting for Michelle.

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UFC Philadelphia

Another fight night is upon us. Last few have been decent.

Let me get right to my picks:

Barzola v Aguilar –  Barzola decision.

Holland v Meerschaert – Holland decision.

Yusuff v Moraes – Yusuff KO.

KK v Hottie – Oh no. Here we go again with a fight between two good people that I don’t want to see lose. In any event, Waterson via Sub.

Emmett v MJ – MJ decision.

Barboza v Gaethje – We know Edson will kick the life out of his opponent and we also know that Gaethje, at times, likes to act like a zombie. If he plays zombie with Edson, the result will be much like what happened to that NZ Zombie before him: He will be kicked until he be ded.

For Gaethje’s sake, I hope he has had his fill of alcoholic beverages for the short term. Because if he gets killed in the cage via liver death, a sip of drank might disable that boy for good.

If Gaethje wants to win he will show off some of this wrestling I keep hearing about.

Barboza can’t beat a wrestler. Gaethje via wrestlemania.



Maybe it’s just me, but the Wonderboy fight last Saturday didn’t have a huge marketing impact. Not nearly as big as the Masvidal-Till fight. Mas scared the crap out of folks: Crowd was silent, Ben Askren snuck out of town. Ben was so dialed in to the idea that Till was going to win, that monstrous KO shut him down for several hours. He didn’t start his twitter talk until he was safely back at home. He’s talking now, but when Mas and Ali said he was quiet after the fight, he was.

Pettis? Well, as I said before, that was the chaos pick, and a win by Wonderboy really wouldn’t make a difference at all. Not in the rankings or with fans. No impact. But Pettis won and he is now ranked in the WW division. But does anyone think he won’t hit the wall sooner rather than later? I’m glad he won, but let’s just see.

Matchups matter. Wonderboy is a well liked character. So is Pettis. Till is somewhat of a villain. That’s why it was so satisfying seeing him lose. Fans watch to see favorites win, but also to see heels lose.

Two good guys went to battle and a good guy won. That’s nice. Not OMG, but nice. Very nice.

UFC needs to stop with these kinds of fights.



That’s what Conor wants, but is that a good idea? What happens if he is part owner of UFC and gets into another one of his scrapes with the law? Then what? That damages the brand. It’s one thing for fighters to be gangster, but not an owner. That would be a real cause for concern. And he will be a minority owner for sure, but his character is so outsized, he will insist on being the face of the organization. And they will let him.

Liability? What is at risk if he throws another dolly at a window? Whose deep pockets will get sued? What happens if he hurls racial and ethnic slurs at someone to hype his next fight? That is unseemly for an owner. When we watched the slurs against Khabib, Dana stood by laughing. Conor is a contractor, his words are his own. But as owner – welp.

What about the appearance of corruption? An owner is now stepping into the cage to fight? Who do you think wins that fight? I’ve heard of situations where fighters receive other bonuses after the fight (undisclosed). Will those bonuses be made available to those who lose to Conor to advance a storyline?

Dana needs to put on some Reebok gear and get in the game. He can fight as a HW. I would love to see him “KO” Ngannou, and then Overeem. Let him win a title then vacate like GSP did. I can foresee a lot of shenanigans like this if Conor is part owner and allowed to fight.

I don’t want to watch fake fights.

I don’t care if he’s made a part owner – he should not fight if he has a financial stake in the company.



And Pettis brought the chaos. In case you missed it, Wonderboy got KTFO’d via Superman punch, and went down almost exactly like Till did last week. He also looked twice as big as Pettis, but we learned from last week that size doesn’t matter when you’re a good striker.

It started out a little boring. So boring, DC and his dude made a remark about the 3 piece with a soda. Because that was the most entertaining thing we’ve seen in quite some time, and it would take a lot for this fight night to live up to that.

Then came the punch and Wonderboy went flying.

Welterweight is officially back in business. Who’s next? Lots of good matchups in this division.

Usman v Colby

Askren v Ponz

Tyron v RDA

Masvidal gets next title shot

Edwards v Pettis

People are saying Pettis is back. The last time they said that, he choked out Chiesa and everybody celebrated like he just knocked off a top dude. Then he got Ferguson.

He’s got a lot of miles but I still want to see him fighting and winning. He can beat Edwards easily. Book it.


Highs and lows

After last weekend, this fight night might be a letdown. How can you beat that KO and that 3 piece?

Life goes on.

Woodley wants McG. That doesn’t sound like a fair fight, does it? Why would Conor fight Woodley? What’s the point? Conor is a former lightweight champ and fights at 170 for fun. He doesn’t cut down to 170. Come on Tyron. Maybe he should focus on being a rapper. From what I’ve seen, they make a lot of money and don’t have to get hit in the face. He was in movies too. Why not focus on that? There has to be a life after fighting and at a certain age that has to be considered.

Darren Till said he’s going to come back stronger. Hmm. If you recall, Woodley elbowed him several times in the head before he gave up and d’arced him. Woodley said he couldn’t crack that hard head, but we know now that he did. Then Jorge went One Punch on him and sent him flying to the canvas.

Do you come back stronger from that? I don’t know.

Aldo is in the hospital. He better not have a hernia.

Chaos and Mayhem at 135. Is Dom Cruz going to slide in there and get a title shot? I hope so, but most likely it’s Moraes. And I kinda don’t care. Boo TJ.

UFC Nashville tomorrow and I haven’t gotten over the 3 piece with a soda. I hope Pettis or Wonderboy create another iconic moment and I feel sorry for all of them if they don’t. If nothing good happens, fans (I) will be so disappointed. God forbid another Wonderboy decision, or Pettis suffers another premature hand break.

Who am I fooling  –  Masvidal had the KO and quote of the year. It will take a lot to beat that.


No fight

TJ pops and gives up. No fight, just some passive language about how something happened and here’s the belt. Just handed it over without a fight. Contaminated substance maybe? No one is really saying much beyond that. UFC isn’t either. I guess I’ll just find some GS cookies and forget all about TJ. Unfollowed.

My man Luke is finally coming back, matched up with Blachowicz. It’s hard being a Rockhold fan these days. Some of these dudes fight so infrequently, and I know there are injuries to deal with among many other things, but really, it’s difficult. The less you see of a guy, the less you care. They fade from memory. And time out of the cage can’t be a good thing. So come back Luke. And Nate. And Yoel. And Shoeface. And Chris. And Jacare. Boo TJ. Where is Ponz? Li Jing Liang, with his dirty self? Super Boy? Bring back Moussasi.

Last comments about Masvidal: No, he shouldn’t have thrown up that 3 piece, but you know what? It’s those moments, those organic moments that are so much fun in UFC. Unscripted and real. Add to that the satisfaction of seeing someone get a 3 piece for talking unnecessary trash at the wrong time. The soda was a bonus.


UFC London post mortem

These were my picks: Teco, Volkan, Edwards, Masvidal. Considering Volkan’s robbery, it was all good for me.

I already told y’all that the best nights for UFC are when fans are left shook. Shook! The OMG moments we can’t stop talking about. I don’t think I have ever seen/heard a venue go silent like it did at the O2. Amazing work by Masvidal.

Do you want to be a fighter? That’s what Dana used to say. Well, if you do, you better recognize some natural law, recalling a useful example laid down by the Skrap Pack back in the day. To the victor go the spoils.

To the victor go the spoils, something like that. So let the man enjoy his spoils, whether that’s an in-cage interview, a live feed with ESPN, or a lion feasting on a gorilla he just killed, let him have that moment. Adrenaline is high.

Why not be respectful? Why couldn’t Edwards walk up and shake Jorge’s hand? Hey man, good fight. What’s wrong with that? He can talk trash all night on Insta and Twitter if he likes. Or on the drive home with his 35 friends who were walking with him. Let the man have his moment.

But that didn’t happen. He pulled a Mayhem and started talking trash to Jorge when he was being interviewed by ESPN. In hindsight, this was a bad idea.

A recap: Mas is being interviewed, telling Laura Sanko about his passion for the fight game, for his family, when Edwards rolled up with an entourage. Told Jorge he was going to get his @ss kicked in July, then tried to roll out with said entourage. Jorge, not hearing or understanding everything that was said, innocently strolled over to Edwards and his team and asked that the statements be repeated. There were words. Edwards put his hands up to strike, but was served a hot 3 piece with a soda.

I am biased, but that’s what I saw on the video.

Dana may choose to fine him, but I hope not. This was a security violation; a breach. Masvidal should get his show and win purse, his $100K in bonuses, and an additional $50K for having to take two fights in one night. Then sort out the security lapses that allowed this to happen in the first place.

As for Jorge Masvidal, the KO made him a contender. The 3 piece made him a star. Title shot please.

UFC needs to capitalize on this ASAP.

Sorry Colby. Sorry Ben.

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Crime scene

Answering my own question, exciting things do happen in London. This fight night ended like an episode of Law & Order. Daren Till got brutally knocked out and was laid out on the mat like a crime scene sketch. Out cold.

I need to follow Askren on Twitter to find out what happened. Didn’t he say he went to London to call out the winner of this fight? I was expecting him to enter the cage and for somebody to do something.

Exciting things do indeed happen in London. Apparently, Askren don’t want no part of Masvidal. Till was handpicked for a reason. He’s probably on a plane right now. Remember, Demian Maia beat Jorge but said he had really good wrestling and was well prepared.

From what I just heard, there was another fight backstage –  the after party, I think. Mas just pieced up Leon Edwards. I don’t have any knowledge about the jurisdictional issues, and neither does the UFC official who is at the press conference. Hopefully he’s not arrested. Fine him, sure, but don’t keep his paycheck. Fans on Twitter are loving it, by the way. They (we) are saying Masvidal gets 2 victories tonight. Fantastic.

I had to check Twitter again to see if Askren calls out Masvidal, but I can’t see or hear past these crickets.

UFC London tonight

So I lied.

I said I wouldn’t care, or more appropriately for the pedants, I could not care less if Ben Askren gets shipped back to ONE. I said I would sleep very well (like a baby!) if I never saw him fight again. Upon reconsideration, I have had a change of heart. Ben was killing it in London this week. In his interviews, UFC promo work, and he saved some of his best for the Q&A.

By staying so silent, JoJo missed out on an opportunity. The crowd was taking the piss out of Ben and he rolled with it like a boss. But there were some remarks made by fans that Ben didn’t understand. JoJo is a Brit, she understands the slang, the local dialect. Why didn’t she start translating? She wasn’t getting many questions so the opportunity was there to steal the show. She could have jumped in with some Scottish slang, or some naughty commentary, which would have been funny, because she’s so soft spoken. Her voice, as a fan reminded us, is like an angel.

London itself seems like a boring place. Other than the Queen and Charles & Co., what else is there? Does anything interesting happen out there? The Spice Girls. The Baking Show. Brexit. That’s all I got.

Oh yeah, Bisping. He was undefeated in England. Several robberies on the way to that winning streak, but let’s pretend.

Speaking of Bisping, Till said people are calling him out because he’s the one to beat.

People call him out because they think he’s an easy fight. He can be beaten easily via wrestlemania, as Woodley has given the blueprint.

Nobody is calling out Yoel Romero. Luke Rockhold. Nobody is calling out Usman except for Askren, and that’s just a personal beef, simmering for the moment. Usman had to get his intestines untied recently so is unavailable.

Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck? If one more dude gets a hernia I’m going to start making wild assumptions. I am now suspicious when people have strange illnesses. Who will be the next with the mystery hernia?

UFC London: Teco, Oezdemir, Edwards, Masvidal.

Title shots

There was only one fight that had title implications at UFC Wichita – JDS vs Lewis.

I like The Beast and was rooting for him even though he was not the favorite going in. He has had a very lucky streak lately, culminating with a title shot with the other GOAT, DC. What’s next for Lewis? What about Tuivasa? Blaydes? He’s not getting another shot (unless he volunteers on short notice), he’s not one of the elite, and he’s not on an upward trajectory.

He got really lucky with a shell shocked Ngannou. You think Francis acts like a fool if they fight again? I don’t. Blaydes would be a fun fight for him.

What’s next for JDS? He needs two fights before a title shot. Francis and Stipe.

Next for Francis? JDS and Stipe.

Stipe? Francis and JDS.

And of course, none of this matters if –

JDS ktfo Francis or Stipe.

Francis ktfo Stipe.

Stipe ktfo Francis.

Decisions will not do.

Tiny lives matter too

More weight classes are needed in UFC – male and female.

I am not sure why some guys feel the need for a 165 weight class, that number just seems so arbitrary. If it’s being proposed in addition to the 155ers, it makes no sense. A new group isn’t needed, but a reorganization is probably in order.

135, 145 – Same. Appears to be working out for the guys, unless of course, someone is really tall for the weight class and just gaming the system.

160 – New lightweight. Should benefit those tall guys and those shorter guys who have extreme musculature. Both are too small for welterweight. Give them 5.

175 – New WW. This is good for others who are too big for a healthy 170 and are at risk of failing eyesight, fainting in the bathtub, falling down on the way to the scale, or even the rare occurrence of a hernia that just pops up on the way to the show. Five pounds would save a life.

185 – This is my favorite. Leave these guys alone.

The heavyweights need a reorg. 186-245 should be the new HW limits. Over 245 can be what, Superheavy?

And the women? I think it’s time for an Atomweight class in the big show. Anyone under 115 can come get some, especially those 63” tall and below. Waterson and Torres can compete for the vacant strap. And please make a new, mini belt for these ladies.

Black (and brown) fighters matter

Every male champ in the UFC is black or brown except TJ. Yeah! Let’s take a look.

HW is DC.

LHW is of course Jon Jones.

Middleweight is the rightful champ, Yoel Romero.*

Lightweight is Tony Ferguson.*

Feather is vacant. In the case of a vacancy, the disputed title holder is the GOAT, Jose Aldo.**

Bantam is TJ the snake.***

Fly is Cejudo.

I don’t want to hear anything else about there being a race problem in the UFC or that Dana is a racist.

* – Disputed

** – New rules

*** – TJ is as white as a man can get.

UFC 235 post mortem

I was going to post something after the fights, but I fell asleep during the press conference.

About last night –

Cifers looked ok, but she needs to be aware of that other part of the sport: Interviews. It’s not okay to say you hate the media, or that you just want to fight, fans want to hear from you.

Diego Sanchez – I am not ready for his retirement, but I will purchase his anti-aging creams. Well, maybe not.

Jeremy Stephens – What happened? I was sure this would end early via KO. Zabit is legit.

Weili Zhang is top 10 for sure. There are some good fights to be made at straw weight.

Robbie vs Ben – That was Robbie’s fault. He came out strong in the fight against RDA too, then either due to injury or whatever he let off the gas. Same thing here. Looked like a KO for Rob, then he let Ben back into the fight. Once Ben got his back and then the neck it was almost a wrap and THEN – Robbie’s arm flops to the canvas. Rogan and crew say he’s out. I think he was out too. Here comes Herb with the arm test, and he’s saying something. Then he waves Ben off and surprise! Robbie’s awake! Chaos ensues for a moment.

But just for a moment, because Ben won it fair and square. That arm drop though. And he wasn’t very troubled about the loss. He said he’s not the type of guy to whine about stuff. Really? This is not about whining. It’s about you just lost a big chunk of money and took an L you didn’t need to. You had the guy TKO’d and all of a sudden he’s on your back. And you failed the arm test. Should have waved your arm around and emphatically given the thumbs up sign. That is, if you still wanted to win this fight and you wanted to let Herb know you were still in it.

I thought Ben would win, but this was disappointing. Rob was out. Briefly, but he was out. I don’t need to see a rematch of that. Robbie’s killer instinct is gone. Post champ life has changed him. I hope they go ahead with Ben vs Till or Masvidal.

Woodley – Welp, we got ourselves a new WW champ. I don’t want to see a rematch of that either. It will be five more rounds of wrestling and foot stomping.

Like Stipe, you should fight two or three more times to work yourself back to another title shot. But I digress.

Remember when Colby had the interim belt? Instead of all those surgery delays, which they both engaged in, he should have signed to fight Colby. He would have won a boring fight and extended his champ status. But he, and everybody else was so into what Colby deserves, and his cringe inducing WWE talk. Dana embraced the nonsense and took him to the White House for ffs. He was in pics with Trump and the belt and still couldn’t get a fight with Tyron! Why would Dana take a dude like Colby to the White House? To hype a fight with Tyron, Mr. Race Bait from Ferguson himself.

But for whatever reason, Tyron didn’t want to fight Colby. When Usman got put into the title picture, then he wanted to fight Colby. I think he knew Usman had the tools to beat him.

And finally, can we please stop it with the wrestling pedigree? Division 1, division 2, who cares. I don’t even want to hear about the Olympics anymore unless you won. Show me some gold or shut up about it. Hell, show me some silver. But do shut up. Cage fighting is quite a big step down from the Olympics, let’s get real.

Jon Jones – I was feeling some kind of way after seeing Woodley destroyed via wrestlemania. It thought this was TJ and Rose all over again, but thanks God it wasn’t. The so-called Lionheart was more like a house cat at one point. All curled up, waiting for something. Terrible showing for him. At one point Rogan was asking, what can he do? I was like, throw some punches, this is a fight?

There was a point when Jon had Smith against the cage and elbowed him in the face.  Opened up a cut on the nose, which bothered Smith. I thought maybe it was broken. Then came the illegal stuff and he’s sitting against the cage waiting for the refs and other important people to discuss the issues. Then he started blowing his nose. I thought about the advice not to blow one’s nose if it’s broken because of the swelling of the eyes and such. Thanks God his nose was not broken. If it was, he would have been all swollen across the eyes and the important people would have stopped the fight. And New, curtesy of DQ.

There are only two more fights I want to see at LHW: Jones vs Marreta, then Walker. Jon is the very best. Walker has some growing up to do, so I think Jon gets that easily. Marreta is wild. They should do that one in Brazil.

It’s not over yet

But these old champs are on the way out. Tyron was talking about being the best welterweight of all time, then he got wrestled to death for 5 rounds.

Jones is also talking about his future and legacy. He might have a rough night too. I hope not, but they all hit the wall at some point.

It’s just business

I saw an interview online with Eddie Alvarez. He’s talking about his new life with ONE and that’s he’s happy because the fighters come first. I guess somebody told him that, that the fighters come first. Is that how they got him to sign his contract by telling him, over here at ONE, the fighters come first?

That makes no sense. In business, the customer comes first. I don’t know any company out there that would have a mission statement placing their product above everything else, yet that is what Alvarez is saying. You have to satisfy the customer by putting a product out there that they want to buy. And it has to be a good product, of course.

How do you put the product first? How does a company invest money in its product and put the customer second? He said real fans will come. Maybe they will.

ONE has hired UFC vets Meisha Tate and Rich Franklin for front office stuff because they are well known in the MMA community. I’m sure they’re cool peeps and all, but I’m not tuning in to ONE for those two.

They got DJ. UFC couldn’t sell PPVs with that guy and he won 27 belts! 17? 14? Who cares, it’s a big number and nobody cared. And supposedly UFC shipped him 17 belts (300K each!) because he only had one – oh God, who cares. I’m not tuning in to ONE for that dude. And it looks like they are doing some downsizing in that weight class. Wonder why? Because the men’s 125ers were selling so many PPVs and they were tired of making money?

I think Cejudo wins in a rematch too. But I digress.

Fighters come first? The fans should come first. These organizations have to put on fights that we want to see. That we are willing to pay good money for. That’s why strange things happen in UFC, because there’s some marketing going on in the background. They try to make good matches to give us exciting fights and the OMG moments we can’t stop talking about.

Will we get the OMG with Woodley vs Colby? Probably not.

I might search for a clip of Eddie’s first fight in ONE. If it’s exciting, I might keep up with him, follow him on Twitter, find out when his next fight is scheduled. If not, well … it’s just business.

UFC 235

I can’t wait. This is a stacked card.

I’m scared to make picks, but here we go:

Viana vs Cifers – Polyana Viana recently beat up a shabby looking man in Brazil. I believe he was trying to take her iPhone, but got a beat down instead. Viana by decision.

Diego vs Mickey Gall – Diego for old times sake.

Misha Cirkunov vs Johnny Walker – Walker by KO

Jeremy Stephens vs Magomedsharipov – OMG. I don’t know what to say about this fight, as Stephens is already a bit compromised from his last fight. If Stephens loses I fear for his family. He will need a professional intervention before leaving the arena. Fortunately for all of us, he will KO Magomedsharipov. Quickly.

Garbrandt vs Munoz – Hmm. Garbrandt annoys me because of his tattoos. That’s dumb, I know. Was it last week we saw Andre Fili fight? He’s got neck tats and he doesn’t offend me at all. I love him. So it’s not the tats. Garbrandt by decision.

Tecia Torres v Zhang – Oh oh. Tecia might be in danger. Weili Zhang knocked a hole in Jessica Aguilar’s head a little while ago. Zhang gets a decision.

Lawler vs Askren – After years of wanting to be in the UFC he loses in his first bout? Askren by wrestlemania.

Woodley vs Usman – Woodley. I have no reason to doubt the champ.

Jones vs Smith – Jones. Same.

That ain’t your money

Here’s an update of what I’ve been reading:

Rob Whitaker, from his hospital bed, is throwing shade at Kelvin and Adesanya. Stuff like, Adesanya is not that great, they’re fighting for Cejudo’s belt, etc. I would encourage him to get his large intestines in order before commenting further on possible fights. I’m going to need him to stay out of the hospital for a bit.

Till Vs Masvidal? The fight means nothing, but I love Masvidal. Unfortunately,  he is headed for veteran old head status, fighting for money alone. No shade, it’s just the way it is. Hopefully Mas can show Till some levels to this game.

Jeremy Stephens had suicidal thoughts after his loss to Aldo. Dang. That’s rough. Once again, no shade over here because if someone hit me so hard in the liver, and I folded up like so many lawn chairs, then got a couple of fists to the head, I would be in a very dark place too. I think this is what people mean when they a fighter has taken someone’s soul. It’s one thing to contemplate retirement, but suicide? Soul snatched. For sure.

Ben Askren said if Colby Covington never fights again no one would care. Not true. I would care very much. Colby beat RDA and Maia and won the interim belt. I was looking forward to the unification fight between him and Woodley. I don’t care about Askren. At all. He could go back to ONE and I would lose no sleep. Like a baby. I will sleep.

Ferguson Vs Max? I told you. Poirier for interim belt? Because Tony rightfully turned it down. Lightweight is officially a mess. People are asking why Tony would turn this down, and outside of the money issue, the reason is clear: Holding an interim title means nothing. It can be stripped at will, depending on your status with the organization at that particular moment in time. It can be snatched in the blink of an eye if someone else has a better storyline. Sorry Colby.

UFC is an organization where you strike when the iron is hot and take opportunities when offered because you never know what’s going to happen. That’s how Bisping got his shot (I’m still salty), and it’s how Nate got his shot against Conor. That might be frustrating to fighters, but extremely exciting for fans. We can’t stop talking about the chaos.

And last, Adesanya says no PPV payout is money left on the table. It is. But that ain’t your money, my dude. The person who left that money on the table is the champ, who, at the moment, is not yet able to walk after inexplicably getting his intestines tangled in a knot on the day of the fight. That was his money. Gastelum should ask for that money due to his (and our) pain and suffering.

You’re done

Some fighters just don’t get it. I mean, not at all. Stipe and Cyborg come to mind. Stipe should rematch with Francis, just so we can see exactly who is the number one contender. Then that guy can kick rocks until DC is ready to fight again.

Cyborg wants a new contract. I think she should fight Megan as her farewell fight, then move on to those green pastures of Rizin with her BFF Gabi (btw, I love Gabi). They can have a tag team jiu-jitsu /punch face tournament against whoever wants it. Middle of the night in Japan, book it. I’ll be asleep. Will watch the recaps online later and laugh.

GSP is retiring. Sad news. Whenever I feel depressed, I like to think about the night he took that belt from Bisping. Oh well. You know he’s not really retiring. I predict he will fight in 2019.

Anthony Smith is intrigued by Colby. Intrigued, worried, concerned, fascinated, obsessed? I don’t know, but he keeps talking about him and responding to nonsense on twitter. We all know Colby’s act is just that, an act. To get attention, to get a fight, to manufacture a fake beef for clicks. Like wrestling. It’s fake. Why does anyone give his antics serious consideration? I saw a headline, something like, “Rousey defends her belt…” Belt? For a fake fight? I know people enjoy this, but I ignore it. Similarly, Smith should ignore Colby and prepare for Jon Jones.

Cain. Wow. All that buildup for nothing. If you’re done, you’re done. No shame in that. Thanks for the memories.

And speaking of buildup and frustration, do I have to say anything about the botched mess that was Gastelum Vs that guy from New Zealand or Australia who keeps pounding himself on the chest and can’t stay out of the hospital and I am quite sick of him?

MMA really has me on the verge these days.

So anyway, Dustin Poirier wants a release. Is this the same dude that won a fight and during his post – fight interview, started yelling about how he needed to eat? Like his family is starving or something? I keep hearing how the economy is doing so well, record low unemployment and jobs everywhere. Sounds like somebody needs to be taking advantage. Dana should give him his release just for acting crazy and dropping out of the fight with Nate. And he’s not a needle mover.

And last, a rumor is out that Max will fight Tony Ferguson for the interim lightweight belt. UFC likes to play with our emotions. This fight won’t happen. And if it does, what are the odds one of them will fight Khabib? 0.

Zero. I’m done getting hyped up for these fights.

Besides, does Tony really want another interim belt? It means absolutely nothing. It doesn’t even mean that you are #1 contender. Well actually, that’s all it means. It means that on the meaningless rankings, somebody will place your name in the 1 spot. Does the winner get the new belt? Of course! Remember the last rumor that the old belt cost the company $300K to manufacture? If that was true, they wouldn’t be giving them out like so much Halloween candy. And they would not have sent DJ 25 of them. UFC is not in the business of giving stuff away for free.

Truth: That new belt is big and pretty. I would believe a lie that this one is worth $300K.

If it walks

So the fight is off, huh? Come on, man! He got sick and couldn’t fight Rockhold, now he’s got a hernia. A hernia? On the day of the fight?

He’s ducking Kelvin. Strip him. He’s not holding a real belt anyway, so it’s better for all of us if he is stripped right away. Like ripping off a bandaid. Do it quick, because we don’t know how long it’s gonna take to heal his hernia.

We need an interim now. Adesanya said earlier that he will never be a backup, tonight he should fight Kelvin for the interim.

Hype train?

Another hype train being promoted by the UFC this weekend. I like Adesanya, but gentlemen, he is no Anderson Silva. There were tears at the weigh in today.

In regard to Anderson and his contemporaries, I imagine it was exciting to be a young man, going around the world throwing hands. Sure, some of you would like for your son to make a living behind a desk, hands resting peacefully on top of it. Why not let them hands go upside somebody’s head? Touch that chin. A liver kick? Or like the man said, hit him hard and often.

I like the moment when someone wins. Climbing on top of the cage, taking it all in. It’s a great feeling for me, and I’m just a spectator. Those days are coming to an end for The Spider and he knows it. There were tears today.

The OGs have given their youth to this sport. A sport that, apparently, it’s hard to walk away from. I wonder if it’s Silva’s last fight.


I’m not excited about this card, but I am impressed with Kelvin. He’s really grown up since TUF. He talks different, looks different. He’s a new dude at 185 and I like his chances in this fight. Go Kelvin and Spider.

Birds, butterflies, and California

Adam Levine removed his shirt during his Super Bowl performance and revealed a torso marked with various random objects. I saw a few birds, butterflies, and the word “California,” in large plain text across his stomach.

If, as a a grown up male, you remove your shirt in public, a few rules need to be observed:

All tattoos must be relevant. See Anthony Pettis, Marreta, the Lioness, etc.

If you are representing a certain place, be specific. You can’t show out with the name of a state on your stomach. Where you from, bro? So Cal? Sacramento? Stockton? AKA? Check with Cub Swanson for more information.

Exceptions? New York, Texas, Brazil.

That halftime show was tragic on so many levels, but the absolute worst was Levine removing his shirt to show us a chest that was … um, problematic. You can’t show up to an event like this with old songs, tired dancing, and overall lameness and your body is not 100% on point. At least put something out there for the ladies. Like Rockhold and Romero. I think Dana trots them out like show ponies. And for good reason.

And still!

Father Time is undefeated and always will be, and that is the undisputed truth. You can try to wave him off for a bit, but he always comes for his belt.

A couple of days ago, Serena lost in the quarters of the Australian Open. She is 37 years old and made it to the quarters. That’s an accomplishment, but let’s take a look at some recent history.  She made it to the finals at Wimbledon and lost. Got to the finals of the US Open and lost spectacularly, with a meltdown that made John Mac look like a Boy Scout. And now the failure in the quarterfinals.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady is heading back to the Super Bowl at 40. If Serena wants those last two titles, I would encourage her to hook up with Tom’s people for some TB Training, TB Performance meals, and a complete shakeup of her fight camp. She might need to leave TAM and find Bang. Well, as long as Bang doesn’t advise her to lose a ton of weight and arrive at the next Grand Slam at 115lbs.

She is 37 and relying on her physicality, which is slowly declining, to compete against 25 year olds. This is a losing battle. She needs a new camp.

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What’s next?

Good fights on tap: Barboza v Gaethje, Pettis v Wonderboy.

Pettis and Wonderboy is a stupid funny matchup, and I am here for all that chaos. The chaos pick there is, of course, Pettis. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a KO or sub, a victory over Wonderboy will be something great to see. Pettis is obviously on the decline. He’s not chasing a belt anymore, and since he has a contract, might as well fight if he’s healthy. Wonderboy winning that fight is boring.

I’ll comment more on the LW and WW later. What about the Heavyweights?

I want to see Stipe fight again. He’s been on maternity leave long enough. No rematch with DC. Let’s see if he’s still legit. Some guys suffer a loss and lose their confidence along with the belt. Was his loss to DC a fluke? I don’t think so; DC is without peer at heavyweight.

Ngannou, Beast, Blaydes: They all have fights coming up. Good.

Cain, JDS, Overeem: Yes, yes, and yes.

Brock: No. I understand the $$ aspect of him v DC, but I don’t care for it. But wait a minute, I was entertained the night DC beat Stipe and Brock entered the cage. I was not expecting that scene at all! It was unexpected  pro wrestling shtick and I was entertained. Book it!

About the Contender alum: That’s a good show, but they did not have to stack a whole fight card with those people.

Let’s be honest

This is a terrible night of fights. Shall I say, boring? Somebody said this card is stacked. They lied.

Early prelims:

Chance somebody v whatever

Belal  Muhammed v Geoff Neal. I was  rooting for Muhammed,  but he lost to a guy from the Contender Series.

Bermudez against another dude from the Contender. He won via decision. Decision.

Late prelims:

Another alum of Contender. Jeez.

Jojo got a decision. Omg, this is brutal.

Cowboy v Hernandez – A fight I wanted to see. A reminder that there are levels, and that it’s not yet time for the Cowboy to retire. If Dana keeps giving him winnable fights like this, he’ll be around forever.

Main card

Glover. I’m glad he won. If Dana keeps giving him winnable fights against dudes who can’t wrestle…

Paige and Rachel. No comment.

Joe B v Ortiz? I thought the flyweights were going away?

Yancey v Gregor Gillespie. Whoever enters the cage like he’s going to the club…

Let’s be real honest. Was this the best showcase for the first card on ESPN?

Fight week is here

UFC is in Brooklyn this week, TJ v Cejudo. I’m all about the Champ Champ, but I don’t like this cut for TJ. He should have moved up for the superfight with Max. Losing 10 off a small, ripped frame seems risky as hell, but what do I know? This is grown man stuff, so I got TJ in this fight.

My boy Dennis Bermudez is stuntin‘ in NY (via Twitter) in some expensive car. I have no knowledge of cars, so no idea of the make and model. But if he’s rolling like this, please stop crying broke all the time. Fighters and fans love to cry about how broke these guys are, yet on Insta, Twitter, Embedded, we see the cars and houses, homie. Don’t be scurred. Women and children, body art, vacations in Thailand, and 15 motorcycles ain’t cheap either.

Oh no. Stipe wants to fight Cormier again. Please no. Sorry, I have no interest in mumbling Stipe. Cormier should fight one (or 2) more times: Brock, and regardless of the outcome of that (Brock will lose; he understands kayfabe), he should fight Jones next for all them LHW marbles. We gots to move on. Stipe can fight JDS or Cain for the vacant title.

Sadly, Klitschko is not coming back.

And last, Motel 6? Seriously? And who is going to be staying there? This might be a decision that’s all about money, because it’s not about branding. The UFC seems like it’s a luxury product these days. A fan has to sign up for cable TV and 3 streaming services to see these fights. Or is it 2? This is confusing. You got the new owners (how many times do we have to hear about the $4 billion sale?), Dana ($$$ birthday parties?), and ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports. And Motel 6 (let’s not forget, Dennis is stuntin’ and he ain’t even a champ champ). One of these things is not like the others…

It’s hard out here

According to Anderson Silva, it’s hard to be an old fighter without chemical assistance. That is true, however, fighting really is a young man’s game. Actually, most sporting activities are for the young due to the reality of aging, which is why you won’t see a 35 year old woman competing in gymnastics, and you won’t see an old man at shortstop (in the outfield, running down a ball? Lol). In football, maybe. Just maybe on the off chance you are a rarity like Tom Brady will you see your 40s, playing at a High Level in the NFL. And Tom Brady is Very High Level.

He made a comment about stamina and recovery being helped by TRT. This is the argument against steroids, and why they promote an unfair advantage. These old men (Andy, Mir, Bigfoot, Chuck, Tito, Rampage…) have given their youth to the fighting game and apparently, still want to fight. They need to get back on the stuff and only fight each other. Oscar should look into this. I’ll bet all those old heads will be back for a payday.

Give them 6 months to get in shape. 40 and up? Let them fight!

Cain wants to fight Jon Jones, presumably at heavyweight, but if and only if Cormier does or does not – OK stop. I appreciate the bro love going on at AKA, but why are they always talking about Jones at heavyweight? And why is Cain weighing in on this? He should be focusing on Ngannou and how, after 3 years away, he is going to avoid getting knocked out. And now he wants Jones? There’s a whole line of legit HWs waiting to put hands on him, and he wants a LHW to move up to HW and fight him? Come on, man. I understand the Superfight mentality, but you’re taking the biscuit with this one. And the decision depends on what Daniel is doing? Can everybody please let Daniel retire already and worry about the people in your own division?

I’m still rooting for Cain against Ngannou. Khabib against anybody. And Luke? I’m still mad at him for getting put to sleep, complete with a goodnight kiss from Yoel. That was messed up. I want to see Luke at full strength fighting Jones.

It’s hard out here for a heel like Colby. He’s a fake heel, but he fought all the dudes they put in front of him, and even won the fake belt. But he didn’t get the title fight. Why? According to the Internet, it’s a whole bunch of stuff surrounding whether he was ready on a particular date, then he had surgery, at some point Woodley had surgery, Usman fought the same people Colby did…  It’s not interesting any more. I hope Woodley wins the fight, but I’m kinda ready for some new blood at WW. Not Usman, not Colby, not Tyron. Somebody new. And this is probably why they are going with Usman. Who will lose to Ponzinibbio.


DC should retire when he turns 40. He promised.

Give Nate a fight. Let him have his trilogy with Conor.

Amanda v Holly at either weightclass. Then Amanda v GdR at any weight.

Jones v Rockhold.

Colby  got screwed. Is there any point to interim  belts? Woodley better win.

About Woodley: He’s a very smart fighter. He adjusts depending on his opponent, and sometimes that leads to “boring” fights. I actually enjoyed his fight with Maia. That dude is legit on the ground, and everyone knew that if he took Woodley down it was over. Welp, my dude shut all that down and made Maia look like a beginner.

Till was supposedly good on the feet. He got shut down too.

Those Wonderboy  fights were terrible.

So now we have another dominant champ, lacking a huge personality, neck tattoos, and whatever else it takes to make Dana happy. The match against Usman is intended to neutralize his wrestling. He better win too, or else he’s going to go out like Cyborg and DJ. Which one does he want, the front or the back door?

And last, I’m worried about TJ at 125 because that is not a reasonable weight for an adult male. TJ is a somewhat small dude, but he still has to get on a specialized diet and  conditioning plan to lose 10 pounds. I hope it doesn’t affect his health, but he is young and healthy, so he should survive the cut. Good luck to him.


The definitive P4P list:

Tie for 1st – GSP, Daniel Cormier.

3rd – Amanda Nunes. Her next fight should be Holly Holm, and if she beats Holly, she moves up to tie for 1st place, as she has beaten all the women’s champs at 135 and 145.

4th – Bones. The only things keeping him out of 1st are the fact that Cormier is the Champ Champ*, his wins over Cormier are tainted (just a little bit), and the series of failed tests put a question mark over the contests.

Tie for 5th – Aldo, Anderson Silva. Longtime legendary champs at their respective weight classes.

7-10: in no particular order – Joanna, Woodley, Khabib, Ferguson, Weidman.

Chaos: Andrade wins the 115 strap, immediately goes up to challenge for the 125 belt and wins. And you know, she used to fight at 135.

Best nights

The UFC had a great night last night. The very best ones are when the favorites don’t win, and everyone is shook. Like that night when TJ, Rose, and GSP won. I can watch that 10 times in a row. Or when TJ beat Cody again and Cejudo beat DJ. Good stuff.

The UFC is moving to ESPN in 2019. I just hope they dont change certain aspects of the viewing experience.

Don’t change Embedded. I like watching the fighters travel around the world, doing what they love. If anything, make the episodes longer.

Keep The Contender series.

Keep TUF but make some changes to the format. More training and fighter prep. No more house shenanigans because I really don’t care.

UFC 232 post-fight

Cyborg is up. She wants to know why they didn’t let her talk after the fight. Maybe because she was knocked out?

She has one fight left on the contract. I really doubt we see her fight in the Octagon again. This is a DJ rerun. She was a dominant champ with no competition. Tonight’s events just opened up some new possibilities for all the women at 135.

Now I’m waiting for Jon. Which one shows up, the sinner or the saint?

The saint. All glory to God for all these blessings and he lov-

The villain just showed up. Said Daniel was never the 205 champ, and certainly not the Champ Champ, and if he wants the belt he needs to come down and beat him.

He was tested by two agencies today. Passed polygraphs.

I don’t like or dislike Jones, but the truth is that this is a mental game as well as a physical game. He held it together despite all the distractions of the week, he is most definitely the champ. For how long, we don’t know.

Great night for two champions

Amanda Nunes shocked the world and knocked out Cyborg. I’m watching the press conference ànd now I think she just created some drama. Dana wasn’t stoked about a rematch, and now Amanda is saying the same thing. Is Cyborg getting run out of the UFC? This is how it ended with DJ too. I think this is the end of the 145 division. Dana keeps teasing that they have some great stuff in store, maybe Cyborg will be the first Zuffa Boxing star?

Jon Jones is a legit villain. He is the villain of the UFC. Fantastic. What if his drug test comes back with more questionable results? I have a hard time feeling angry about this, or feeling any kind of way at all. They seem content to have him emerge as a very dark character in this show, and  I’m here for the chaos.

Besides, everyone meets the wall at some point.

Chiesa submitted Condit. Not prime Condit, but the one who is now fighting to keep the coffee shop open and feed the kids. There comes a time in a man’s life… Anyway, Chiesa is so happy he didn’t cut weight and would now like to chase a belt. I wonder if he has RDA’s phone number?

We heard from Gus, will Cyborg join the press conference? Yes, she just arrived.

UFC 232 Prelims

Uriah Hall won, but he’s not looking so good. Should have knocked out that youngster early. And that wasn’t even the featured bout.

Ryan Hall went for a leg lock. Shocker. I guess if you have one great move you use it. Often. Ask Ronda Rousey.

Cat got kicked in the eye and that was a wrap. I think it was either Greg Jackson or Winklejohn who got a nasty eye injury after receiving a toe to the face. Torn cornea? Go look it up. He’s coaching now.

UFC 232 Weigh ins

Uriah Hall is looking old. What happened?

Ariany is not available? What happened? She couldn’t make it to LA on short notice?

Ryan Hall is looking as inscrutable as ever. BJ is still BJ. I want to see them tie each other up like a pretzel.

Silva de Andrade looks like a killer. Shredded and savage.

Megan Anderson is a big girl. She needs to campaign for that Cyborg fight because, why not? And here comes Cat. I hope she doesn’t catch a knee like that short dude on TUF.

Chad Mendes had psoriasis and the treatment was HGH cream. Remember that?

Latifi  is going to end this fight early.

Is the backward hat still a thing? Chiesa is annoying.

I’m ready for the fights.

2018 goes out with a punch

Another fight week is here for the UFC, and a lot of fans are disgusted by the latest chapter in the ongoing drama – these are the days of our lives.

I love watching fights; I’m a hardcore fan. But I can’t join the mob saying, you’re a scumbag, a bum, etc. There are some egregious cases, sure (Brock), but in the case with Jon, we’re talking about picograms of some substance. Pico?

Does the UFC understand their audience? They are not going to have any understanding of picograms of an illegal substance. And by understanding, I mean that they do not have any patience at all for positive test results, whether it’s a pico, mico, juko, or bamboozo. It’s all a sham to us.

So. Why was all that detail released to the public?  Required by Nevada? I thought there was a new rule in effect regarding positive tests not being released to the public? If the pico was not significant, the Commission and the drug czars should have had a conversation, then decided on a reasonable solution.

This doesn’t damage the brand, but there are lots of hurt feelings (and lost money). How to fix this? By putting on a great night of fights.

My picks:

Uriah Hall. He’s on Fightpass now?


Penn v Hall? I don’t care who wins, just want to see that fight. Here’s an idea: several fighters are, if you believe Joe Rogan, high level Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. Very High Level. I want to see some of that in the Octagon. Pair up these phenoms more regularly.

Anderson v Cat? Cat is so herky jerky, should be a weird fight. Holly won by wrestling, and is def not a wrestler, so hopefully the Cat has taken notes.

Arlovski for kicks. I love him, but my dude is getting old. Just don’t let this youngster break your soft palate in half.

Condit better find his NBK with Chiesa. Sub please.

Cyborg has been beating up on bantamweights for quite some time, and we all should be tired of this gimmick. Clearly we are not, so here we go again. I’m rooting for Amanda. She can join DC, Whitaker, GSP and Connor (among others), as fighters who went up in weight and snatched a belt.

Jon v Gus? I was rooting for Jon before the latest controversy. Not because I’m a huge Jon Jones fan, but because I think he still has IT. That thing champs have. Desire, focus, ability, heart – and in the middle of all the distractions, does he still have it? I say yes. Jones will get a split. Then if we’re lucky he’ll go full Carnage on us and call out DC.

What’s up?

What the deal with Jon Jones? Will this fight even happen? I’m running out of Fs to give.

What about Nick? I hate seeing him poolside, yelling into his phone about something or another. Just get in there and fight. Somebody please pay the man. Running out.

Running out, not out. I still have a few left to give, and I’m waiting for good news regarding Gus v Jones.

The hurt business

This really is the Hurt Business. Kevin Lee, Dan Hooker, Sergio Pettis, Valerie Letourneau, and King Mo (among others) left their respective arenas quite hurt indeed.

Kevin Lee left with some real hurt feelings. It was a good fight. The 1st was competitive, he won (arguably, due to takedowns) the 2nd and 3rd. What won it for Al was that he closed the mf’n show with some thrilling standup in the last two rounds. Then he yelled in Lee’s face, pulling a TJ. He did that. He knocked the house down and everybody knew it. Bruce Buffer – rrrrrrrrrRaging Al Iaquinta! And the slow raise of Al’s arm. Beautiful.

Dan Hooker left with possibly a compromised liver, thanks to Barboza. I’m still not convinced. Yeah, he’s a good striker and has great kicks when he can land them, but he ain’t beating no wrestlers who can take him down and keep him down. Hooker’s decision to turn into the NZ Zombie (not the killing kind, just an undead, human punching bag) made Barboza look like Sugar Ray. Who, by the way was looking great at the Canelo fight.

Barboza just beat the #14, Lee lost to #8. They might be the new top 5 gatekeepers. Al is officially in the mix.

Is Sergio a contender at 135? I think he left with some hurt feelings too.

Letourneau had size over Ilima Lei, but her grappling was no bueno. She looked like one of those having their fighting debut. Also, I’m sure she wanted to join the group of  former UFC fighters who signed with Bellator and snatched some belts. Not tonight.

Should we even talk about King Mo? KTFO. Now he’s thinking about changing weight classes. Don’t do it.

In case you missed it

Kevin Lee fights Al Iaquinta this weekend. Lee is a stud, but I got Al.

Askren/Lawler? Spoiler: We’re going to see Askren wrestle Robbie to death, get a decision win, then act like he’s the greatest fighter in the world, when we all know he’s not fighting Robbie in his prime. I’ve seen this show so many times, not sure if I’m ready for the rerun.

Want another spoiler? Adesanya is going to beat Anderson Silva, drop to his knees in front of him with the prayer hands, then… You know the rest.

Is Max the greatest featherweight of all time? Wasn’t Aldo champ for several years? This question is a little bit premature. The answer is no.

McDonald/Fitch? I had a flashback of Rory v Robbie when T-City was getting smashed by Max. The violent, non-surgical rearrangement of your face should end with a nice long rest, and Rory experienced another one of those in his fight with Gegard. Just rest, Rory. Become an engineer. An accountant. I don’t know, some sort of desk molesting position should be in his future because his nose can’t take it.

I think I saw on a Kung fu movie that if you hit a person the right (or wrong) way on the nose, you can send a bone right up to his brain and kill him. I’m just saying.

Cain teases a return. What’s the point of the tease? If he can get his back fixed enough to last one round with Tuivasa or god forbid, JDSx4, then he can make some money. DC is retiring, so there’s no chance of them meeting in the Octagon. Why tease us? There’s probably a contract with UFC with a few fights left, so get some injections, some muscle relaxants or whatever and come make this money!

Alex says Jon Jones is insecure. Insecure is the wrong word here. Alex sees something, some unusual behavior being exhibited, but that might have more to do with the absence of injections and muscle relaxants.

GSP says he has no interest in a fight with Anderson Silva. However, if Silva manages to beat Adesanya and gets a title shot (lol) what will GSP have to say then? I imagine he’ll find a way to slide into the picture.

And finally, Dana punches down. He went in on Oscar and his Golden Boy MMA promotion. He even put Chuck’s money out there. It was an unnecessary, strong punch down, which made no sense. Funny though,  because MMA fans think fighters don’t get paid and they do. We only see disclosed figures. I don’t have any patience with the subset of fans who keep the night’s watch on fighters paychecks; I just like to watch fights. And with the number of kids these guys have, they travel, train, on Embedded you see the houses and cars, come on. Nobody’s starving. The young ones trying to make it, sleeping on the gym floor, yes. But the rest are doing just fine.

Future of TUF

What’s the plan for TUF going forward? Are they keeping the same format? I hope not. I like the fights to get into the house and the whole tournament aspect of it. But I don’t care for the pranks and house cleaning drama perpetuated by grown men.

Ok, some of it is funny.

Remember season 1 when Chris Leben was drunk and halfway passed out on the ground and Kosscheck and some other dude put the water hose on him? In that same season, Chuck  and Kosscheck forced some dude in the sauna and kept him in there by blocking the door.

Or like in season 5, the guys came back to the house after training and saw some writing on the wall (literally!) that told them to “suck it.” Suck what, inquired young Nathan, as he not so calmly removed his t-shirt. Good times.

What season was that when Rampage was coach and he kept calling one dude out for his uh, excess upper body fat?

There was a season when Roy Nelson was coaching. He made his team draw straws to determine the next fight. I hated that season. And who can forget the plaintive wail, “let me bang, bro.”

What about the season with Junie? They really need to screen for ridiculous alcoholics.

The season with Chael and Jon Jones. They paired a short dude and a tall dude and after a lot of crying, the short dude got a knee. KTFO

Also in that season, we met Uriah Hall. He terrorized everyone in the house, especially Bubba. He was so scared, he went to the doctor, thought his kidneys were shutting down. They were not.

And of  course, the season with Frankie and BJ.

That’s all I remember from TUF and they had about 30 seasons.


When you lose to the #14 ranked fighter, your days of being a contender might be over. You fight to pay the bills now.

Strange humility on display last night. Was that humility or lost confidence? Seems JJ lost more than the belt in those battles with Rose. She’s still a contender, but certainly not at 125, and according to all the smart people, she was killing herself cutting to 115. So now what? With the intimidation factor gone, she’s become a former champ who the up-and-coming fighters want to knock off.

Dana wants Max at 155. I would like him to fight Frankie next then do whatever he wants. Hasn’t he cleaned out the division? And I don’t care about anyone being too big for any particular weight class – they all are. That’s part of the game. But will he be a contender at 155?

Val is going to be champ for a long time, or at least until her sister rises in the ranks. Women’s fly is not exciting at all. The weight class consists of a bunch of people from TUF and others that couldn’t break through at 135. Speaking of which, Val is still obsessed with Amanda, because she realizes she is the champ over a bunch of people from TUF and others…..

And yeah, my picks were trash, but good on my boy Santos for dealing with Manuwa. Manuwa is another who says he won’t fight a friend and teammate, Gus, who is indeed a contender. Why not go the DC route and take yourself out of the weight class if it bothers you so much? Because he can’t drop to 185 and he can’t go up to heavyweight? That’s everybody’s problem. Go train at Jackson Winks. I hear they have room for new people all the time.


There is some real wisdom in Dana White’s remark, “don’t leave it in the hands of the judges.” The prelims were a 29/28 mess. But good on Dhiego for getting that KO.


UFC 231 is here. My picks:

T-City by Chaos

Joanna by Chaos. Whoever wins will be champ for quite awhile. Women’s fly is like Men’s 205 – there’s Gus and Jones and no one else. If Joanna wins, she’ll be asking for another shot at the straw weight belt. The Superfight nobody wants.

Cowboy Oliveira by sub

Marreta by KO

Claudia by whatever. I’m not high on Nina Ansaroff.


Eryk Anders, why not?

Dhiego Lima for old times sake.


Didn’t somebody say there are levels to this game?

There are levels, my friend.

I was rooting for all the Australians and they all lost. Mark Hunt, at one point, decided he’d just get his money and go home. That fight was only marginally better than Lewis v Ngannou. And he had nothing to say to his people after the fight. Very disappointed in Hunto tonight.

What is wrong with Tyson Pedro, losing to Shogun at this very late stage in his career? Shogun? Levels. Pedro will be back. They’ll give him Villante or Smilin’ Sam. Losing to Shogun  with all his mileage is unacceptable.

Tai Tuivasa got caught. The lights went out for a moment and JDS rained down some sloppy ground and pound. Tai protested at the stoppage, but he was done. No reason for a young guy to take so much damage. Get your shoey and go home.

JDS out here talking about fighting Overeem again. Or Cain.

What I learned tonight

That these guys who decide to go up in weight (or go down in weight) because of devastating losses always hit a wall. RDA did tonight, which led the commentators to wonder if he’s going back down to 155. He looked demoralized in between rounds. Just like Holloway is going to look when T-City gets ahold of that neck.

Antonina Shevchenko won, but that was a boring fight. I’m still waiting for her to show off some Muay Thai.

Women’s TUF champ was crowned. What are the odds they stay in the featherweight division? Throw that whole division away. There’s Cyborg and Anderson and that’s it. I think GdR and Holly are better at 135.

Will Usman get a title shot? Dana was like, maybe. He was impressed after that domination of RDA. I think Ponzinibbio gets the next shot, or they make Usman v Ponz first. RDA might go back to 155 or get Perry at 170. That’s a fight he can win.

Caraway got TKO’d by a phantom liver kick.  How is he still in the UFC?

In case you missed it

MMA is something. Most of the time, the person who should win a fight (on paper) actually wins the fight. But it’s the chaos we keep coming back for.

I am here for the chaos.

Speaking of which, why does RDA keep talking about a title shot? He’s not fighting for the title when he can’t even get past Colby Covington. Usman is getting his hand raised this weekend.

Sage is kinda sorta cut. Why? He’s not very exciting, but the Sage and Paige show was never about fighting skills, was it? And he liked marketing himself as an extremely muscular Ken doll. He’s always on social media in various action figure poses. And flexing on airplanes. Hmm.

Some people are still crying over Chuck’s body. You know, Rachael Ostovich got into a real violent altercation back at the house and she just got cleared to fight. That’s a little bit more disturbing to me than Chuck cashing a 250K pay check.

Dana White said nobody cared about those flyweights. He’s not wrong, but the problem was that DJ was hella boring. He even had a commercial with the aforementioned boring Sage/Ken doll. Dude. I actually like Henry Cejudo, and was rooting for him to beat DJ. I thought that win would help move the division to some exciting fights. But now who knows.

UFC Adelaide: Tuivasa, Hunt, Pedro, Craig, Reis, Kara-France.

TUF Finale: Usman. I want to see Antonina Shevchenko in a real fight, and I’m not sure if this will be much of a challenge, considering she’s hyped as being a Muay Thai champ.  And that’s all I care about from that card.

Tito finally beats Chuck

He beat Chuck when there was nothing at stake. No made up title, ranking, no bragging rights. Come on, Chuck is near 50 and nowhere near the fighter he used to be.

Lots of folks are saying how sad the whole thing was. Why so sad? These dudes fight for money and they know the risks.

I didn’t watch it – I wasn’t interested in seeing those two fight (and I watch everything!). Tito keeps active these days, but Chuck just looked old in all the promotional pics. And he walks funny. He has always walked funny, but has he injured his hip or something? 50 is really not that old, why is he walking like a 75 year old?

Meanwhile, Anderson Silva is going to fight Israel Adesanya (what a great name). Those people crying over old Chuck better have the tissues ready.

Fun Night of Fights

#UFC Beijing: Fight Night 141

Jag got destroyed. Didn’t see that coming.

I fell asleep at some point after Jingliang’s fight and woke up to Alaistair Overeem getting the vaseline. Then he actually beat a guy. Didn’t see that coming either. He’s been knocked out so many times, I have a hard time watching him fight. But he won and celebrated like he beat a contender. Reminded me of when Pettis beat the Mama’s Boy. He thought that win meant something. Then they gave him Ferguson.

The Leech! I love him, but I am wondering if he’s a dirty fighter. First he gouges eyes, now giving shots after the bell. In his defense, it was loud in there, so I can’t say he’s dirty dirty, but he’s got a little stank on them hands.

And Curtis Blaydes. I knew he was going to lose when he started talking about fighting Stipe, and his legacy. I don’t think Ngannou had a confidence problem. Yeah Stipe wrestled him to death, but he was scared of The Beast. He didn’t have any fear of Blaydes. At all. I think Blaydes has a bright future, but he has to learn to stay focused.